NHD Arizona

National History Day Arizona

Sample Historical Papers

These papers are included for the benefit of understanding different types of entries: Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or a lack thereof! These are the 2004 Senior Division entries at the State Finals.

SRHP016 The Morenci Nine Encounter the Vietnam War

by Oscar Baca, Morenci High School

SRHP012 Our Worst Wartime Mistake

by Katie Barnes, Nothwest Christian High School--Phoenix

SRHP003 Saint Thomas Aquinas: Faith vs. Reason by Christopher Campas,

Buena High School--Sierra Vista Bibliography

MSWord Version

SRHP004 The World's Refusal to Address the Rwandan Genocide by Amy Pressler, Buena High School--Sierra Vista
SRHP011 The Brer Rabbit Story: A Cultural Exchange Among the People of Europe, Africa and America by Nicole Schneidman, Xavier College Prep--Phoenix
SRHP001 The Exchange of Hidden Children During the Holocaust by Marisa Trevino, Buena High School--Sierra Vista