NHD Arizona

National History Day Arizona

2004-05 Website Rules

WEBSITES BECOME A NATIONAL COMPETITION  CATEGORY IN 2006. 2004-05 entries are eligible for Arizona State Finals, for all medals and for special awards.

All websites--individual or groups of up to three--compete with each other. Three entries may be advanced to state finals from each region.

Websites should be not more than 15 pages and may not include more than 1000 student-composed words. Exact quotations, timelines and newspaper extractions do not apply to this word count restriction.

Websites should be able to be browsed using Internet Explorer and Netscape. The only other plug-ins permitted are Real Audio, Flash and Adobe PDF. Links to external websites are not permitted. Websites should stand alone.

Photographs used in websites should be properly attributed.

Websites are submitted with registration materials on 3 cd's. They are prejudged, and students are interviewed on the contest dates.

Interactive activities are permitted and encouraged.

Websites may not be mounted to the internet.

The homepage for the website should be labelled as follows: index.html. Navigation to other pages should begin with this page and be self-evident.

Adult assistance with the skills necessary to construct a website is permitted. Students should do the actual construction of the site.

The purpose of an historical website is to provide good analysis of a topic relating to the annual theme and to create a response in the user which increases their understanding of the topic.

Students in this category must submit a standard NHD annotated bibliography and process paper, including the use of primary and secondary materials. Quality research is the focus of all NHD entries. The bibliography should not be included on the website (and will apply to the word count if it is).  It should be mailed with the registration materials and CD's by the scheduled deadline.